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AKG K171 MKII 监听耳机

AKG K171 MKII 监听耳机

原价: ¥1,720

特价: ¥1,399


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Professional hi-fi stereo studio headphones Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit Patented Varimotion speakers High ambient noise attenuation For broadcast and DJ use Rugged construction for tough handling Leatherette ear pads and additional velvet ear pads Single-sided, detachable 3 m cable and additional 5 m coiled cable The newly designed K 171 MK II combines the benefits of a closed-back design with the lightweight and comfort of supra-aural headphones. The K 171 MK II is an excellent choice for DJ and broadcast applications where no sound can bleed from the headphones into live microphones. The closed-back, loud and rugged design gives the K 171 MK II a different low-frequency character and maintains its comfort and flexibility.
AKG K271 MKII 监听耳机

AKG K271 MKII 监听耳机

原价: ¥1,800

特价: ¥1,099

M-Audio(美奥多)  IE-30 入耳式监听耳机

M-Audio(美奥多) IE-30 入耳式监听耳机

M-Audio(美奥多)   Studiophile Q40 封闭式监听耳机

M-Audio(美奥多) Studiophile Q40 封闭式监听耳机

原价: ¥1,559

特价: ¥1,199

M-Audio(美奥多)  IE-20 XB 入耳式监听耳机

M-Audio(美奥多) IE-20 XB 入耳式监听耳机