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ION  LP 2 CD 胶膜唱片转CD唱机  (带有cd刻录机))


ION LP 2 CD 胶膜唱片转CD唱机 (带有cd刻录机))


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ION LP 2 CD 胶膜唱片转CD唱机 (带有cd刻录机) 独立制作,无需电脑 包含 EZ Vinyl / Tape 转换软件 线路输入2个 线路输出2个 支持usb接口cd刻录机 英文参数: Key Features All-in-one: built-in CD recorder copies music from vinyl Copy entire albums or make your own custom mix CDs Works stand-alone, or connected to your computer Includes EZ Converter software for hassle-free computer recording Included sound editing software helps you remove noise, clicks, and pops from worn recordings Includes LP 2 CD turntable with CD recorder Dustcover Cartridge Slipmat 45 RPM adapter USB cable Counterweight Quick start guide Safety/warranty guide
Golden Ears 金耳朵听力训练手册(1CD)曹钧翻译

Golden Ears 金耳朵听力训练手册(1CD)曹钧翻译

原价: ¥149

特价: ¥99

Mix Audio 《音频缩混的概念,练习和工具》(上)(下)含1CD 曹钧编译

Mix Audio 《音频缩混的概念,练习和工具》(上)(下)含1CD 曹钧编译

原价: ¥299

特价: ¥249