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TC LM5 Loudness Meter TDM 动态处理器

TC LM5 Loudness Meter TDM 动态处理器


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TC LM5 Loudness Meter TDM The LM5 from tc electronic is a loudness radar meter plug-in that displays Instant Loudness, Loudness History, and True-Peak level derived from a new, international standard. A TDM plug-in for Pro Tools, the LM5 is suitable for use in music, post production, broadcast and film; and offers a more coherent way of managing level and avoiding distortion than ancient methods still used in music production. As the push to maximize volume continues, it's good to have tools that preserve the integrity of your audio. The LM5 is one such tool. tc electronic LM5 at a Glance: LM5 Loudness and True-Peak Level Meter Radar view