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TC M2000 数字效果处理器

TC M2000 数字效果处理器


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Main features Magic The M2000 provides you with a broad palette of high quality effects enabling you to create magical effects. The true dual engine configuration allows you to run two full-blown effects simultaneously, i.e. on two individual effects sends. The effects have been developed for optimal sonic quality with no compromises made. This has only been possible because our engineers succeeded in combining the latest technology with TC's powerful DARC™ chip. Ultimate User-Interface The user-friendly TC feature, the Recall Wizard, instantly finds the preset that suits your need in any situation. You simply enter your preferences, such as gentle reverb for vocal, or extra pitch for guitar and the Wizard serves you a short list of presets ready to compare and use. Uncompromising Effects The M2000 gives you access to a stunning array of Reverb, Pitch-shifting, Delays, Chorus, Dynamics etc. Among the included reverbs you’ll find the unique Co-efficient Optimized Room Emulator or C.O.R.E. Reverb™ based upon TC’s famous reverberation Technology. Another unique feature in the M2000 is the Dynamic Morphing. This function enables you to apply e.g. Chorus to a vocal at low volume levels, while the same effect is being morphed into flanging at high levels giving the signal a totally new dynamic dimension. The Sensation The M2000 is fully prepared for the digital age with Digital I/O connectors, S/PDIF and the professional format AES/EBU. However, specifications never tell the whole story. What really matters is how your final mix sounds. This is where TC’s long experience and know-how in high-end studio signal processing becomes important. More Features 250 factory presets, including Delay, Reverb, Ambience, Pitch, Dynamics, EQ + more. True stereo Twin Engine processing with six different routings available. Dynamic Morphing™ and Patch Glide with adjustable glide times. 24bit Analog Conversion (105dB Dynamic Range A to D): 10Hz-20Khz bandwidth AES/EBU (24bit) and SPDIF (24bit) digital I/O. + 16bit dithering tool for DAT output. Wizard Help menus assist user in preset choices on an easy to read scrolling bit-mapped display. Tap tempo and MIDI tempo Delay presets. Tap tempo button and footswitch jack. Both 128 user and 128 Combi-user presets + 4 snapshot memories. Universal auto-switching power supply (100-240V.) M-2000数字效果处理器可令你创造出奇妙的效果声,皆因采用了TC ELECTRONIC DARCTM晶片技术。独特的DYNAMIC MORPHING动态渐变,可在歌声于低电平时加入和声,当进入高电平时渐渐变成加边效果。M-2000的预置混响程序中,你会找到优异的C.O.R.E.REVERBTM混响新概念。在平滑流畅,剧烈紧张,及细致感觉上,M-2000与其他混响相比,得到了很大的改进。面板上有4个快速键可储存混合效果,使用时只须一按,便可即时更改2个处理器的效果,参数及连线,极适合现场使用。此数字效果处理器能给你了不起的混响库,变调,延时,和声,立体声扩展等多种不同效果。为你带来清晰及细致的效果,声音质量更是你从未感受过。