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TC RS 210 贝司前级音箱

TC RS 210 贝司前级音箱


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A Tough, Portable Bass Cab that Sounds Great! The TC Electronic RS210 2x10" bass amp cabinet adds great speaker performance to the amazingly compact and powerful RH450 head, while giving you the portability and light weight you need. The RS210 contains two custom 10" Eminence speakers, a titanium-diaphragm tweeter, and very tough 18mm plywood construction. A perfect complement to the RH450, this cab uses an anti-skid top surface so your components stay put. Able to handle up to 400 watts, the RS210 is a durable, portable performer! TC Electronic RS210 2x10" Bass Amp Cabinet Features: Power handling: 400W Enclosure: 18mm plywood side panels, 18mm rounded carved hardwood corners Surface treatment: Anti-skid dual component surface Porting: Rear porting Woofer: Eminence custom 10" Tweeter: Eminence 33mm voicecoil, titanium diaphragm Tweeter adjustment: L-pad (off - 0dB) Dimensions: W x H x D 356 x 664 x 356mm Weight: 38 lbs.
TC RC4  落地试贝司前级音箱

TC RC4 落地试贝司前级音箱

TC RS 212 贝司前级音箱

TC RS 212 贝司前级音箱